January 2015

Shirt Campaign

There are currently some campaigns running for two different Bill Laswell shirts/hoodies. If we hit a minimum amount of orders, they will be made and shipped out. You can visit the Fabrily site for more details HERE. Below are the two designs currently being offered. More are planned.


Bass Musician Magazine Interview

Recently, Bill Laswell gave a written interview to Bass Musician magazine. Unfortunately, some text was changed/omitted/deleted...context...meaning...intent...all these things change when words change. Here is a link to download the PDF of the interview as it should be. We will be adding it as a viewable document (no need to download) to the "WORDS" page in short order.

Corrected Interview

M.O.D. Technologies Digital: The Incunabula Series

If you haven't heard, M.O.D. Technologies Digital: The Incunabula Series is now active. A digital only offshoot of M.O.D. Technologies, the Incunabula Series will present rare and unreleased material from the vaults. Some studio recordings, some live. The releases are available everywhere (including direct) now.

Bill Laswell and Milford Graves: Back in No Time - Live at The Stone
Bill Laswell and Wadada Leo Smith: Akashic Meditiation - Live at The Stone
Praxis feat. Rammellzee: In Times of Horror (single)
Bill Laswell and DJ Krish: Shuen (single)
Method of Defiance: Phantom Soundclash Cutup Method - One
Bernie Worrell: Phantom Soundclash Cutup Method - Two

Akira Sakata: Kaigara-Bushi (Bill Laswell remix) (single)
Bill Laswell: Little Village (single)
Sparkler: I Colored It In For You EP

Visit the MOD Technologies website for up to date information on the label's releases.


Also of note is an Electronic Press Kit for Material feat. The Master Musicians of Jajouka. Booking inquiries can be made through the contacts noted on this site. Please access here - EPK