April 2015

All About Jazz Interview

Bill Laswell gave a lengthy interview to Nenad Georgievski for All About Jazz. It's gets pretty deep into concepts, style and a host of other things. You can see it here, at the All Bout Jazz site - Bill Laswell: No Boundaries.


The Stone Residency 2015

Bill Laswell will be doing another week long residency at The Stone in NYC in late June. Stay tuned to the "Shows" page here for updates. Tentative shows are already up on The Stone's site, but of course are subject to change.


M.O.D. Technologies 2015

MOD Technologies will start it's 2015 slate of releases in May with two digital releases. "Hu Vibrational Presents The Epic Botanical Beat Suite is an Adam Rudolph production featuring special guest Bill Laswell (amongst a few others). This is a co-production with Rudolph's Meta Records, which will be releasing the physical version.

The second release is by Timezone, entitled "Lost Worlds". A different Timezone from the Afrika Banmbaataa group of the early '80s, this was an East meets West (Russia meets America) project spearheaded by John Humbolt Gates in the early '90s. Laswell has taken these recordings and in 2014 presents a full length album mix translation.

Clips are up on the M.O.D. Technologies website, and of course the releases will be available direct, or from your favorite retailer.

Visit the MOD Technologies website for up to date information on the label's releases.


New Podcast Interview

Late last year, DJ Soulswede of Soulinterviews conducted a lengthy interview with Bill Laswell that touches upon a variety of topics spanning Laswell's career. It is now posted and can be accessed at the SoulInterviews.com website.


Bass Musician Magazine Interview

Recently, Bill Laswell gave a written interview to Bass Musician magazine. Unfortunately, some text was changed/omitted/deleted...context...meaning...intent...all these things change when words change. Here is a link to download the PDF of the interview as it should be. We will be adding it as a viewable document (no need to download) to the "WORDS" page in short order.

Corrected Interview


Also of note is an Electronic Press Kit for Material feat. The Master Musicians of Jajouka. Booking inquiries can be made through the contacts noted on this site. Please access here - EPK